Moms in Touch

This may sound very redundant, but I'm just continually amazed at how God places people in your life and how He always knows exactly what you need - sometimes even before you realize yourself that you need it. A couple of weeks ago when we were moving our playset, I was driving back from Farmington with our friend, Joel, who teaches with Chad. Joel and I were talking about our kids and how fast they were growing up. His oldest daughter is going to be in kindergarten next year, so Joel began talking about how his wife wanted to get involved in the Moms in Touch group for the primary school. I was so excited that he brought that up, because Peyton will be attending preschool at the same school as Joel's daughter next fall. I've been feeling a little uncertain about how Peyton will do with such a big transition of actually going somewhere new (and hopefully riding the bus like a big girl!), and I've been praying about what we can do to help ease her into this upcoming adjustment. Joel said he'd have his wife give me a call when she found out more information about the Moms in Touch group.

Yesterday the phone rang and it was Joel's wife, Sandy. She told me she'd just gotten word that the first meeting for Moms in Touch was tomorrow (Thursday) at 10am. I told her I'd plan to be there, and she said if I knew of anyone else who might be interested to invite them. I sat for a while and was trying to think of any other people we know whose kids will be going into kindergarten and attending that school. Then it hit of the families in our small group (who I've been trying to find a way to connect with more often) has a son who will be starting kindergarten in the fall, so I sent Trisha a quick email about the meeting. She wrote back SO excited because she's very anxious about sending her son off to school. I was glad to hear that she wanted to check the group out and we planned on meeting up and going to the MIT meeting together. So this morning we met up and headed to the meeting. We got there and there were already several other moms there. We went around the room and told a few things about ourselves. I was so encouraged to hear each mom's story about how God had led them to this group and how excited they were to be part of something so powerful. Another one of the moms there also had a child with special needs, so I was encouraged to find someone else (especially another Christian!!!) who is dealing with a lot of the same challenges as us! I'm just so excited to see what this coming school year brings and how God is going to work in the lives of each of the families in the Moms in Touch group. Stay tuned for updates this fall!


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