Mr. Sleepyhead

Why is it that kids always sleep in on days you need to get up and go? The other morning Carson decided to sleep past 6am for the first time in his life (after being up twice in the night...not too shabby for him), and of course that morning we were running late and had to be out the door earlier than usual to make a stop before dropping Peyton off at preschool. I ended up having to wake him up. But I was able to capture the first ever experience of having to wake him up on camera so you can see the progression.

Picture 1: Sleeping soundly even with Peyton yelling "GET UP!!!" at the top of her lungs.

Picture 2: "Huh? What's going on...hi Mom."

Picture 3: "Hello camera! Aren't I handsome?"...turn on the charm! (I'm not sure if he was smiling because he saw the camera or because he had just realized that it was a new day in which he could terrorize the world. : )

Anyway, just thought I'd share the pictures because I thought they were funny as I was looking through them.


VanHoorik's Zoo said...

He is so cute! What a good sister to wake him up so nicely. Thanks for stories like that it helps me get though some of our little struggles.

The Bailey Family said...

Cute pictures!! Thanks for posting them!

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