Mr. Smarty Pants

Both of our kids are fighting yucky colds right now (as I'm sure most other kids between the ages of 0-10 years are as well). This morning Peyton was so stuffed up that I busted out the Children's Sudafed for her before I drove her to school. As I was standing at the counter measuring out her medicine, Carson came running over to me. He lifts up his shirt, points to his belly button and says, "Mommy, my tummy hurt. I sick. I have medicine." I tried to hide my big grin as best I could and asked him what kind of medicine he needed and he replied, "A vitamin". That little turkey will do ANYTHING for a Flintstone vitamin! He is something else.


Jo said...

Can't go wrong with a Flinstone...that is what I got when I was little. They are pretty tasty. Imagine, something that tastes like candy, but your parents let you have one everyday! Yum-o:-)

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