Cool Dude!

Both of the kids got sunglasses for Peyton's birthday from Grandma & Grandpa...yes, we know that's something we'll need to stop so Carson doesn't expect that he gets presents every time it's someone's birthday. :) For months Carson has been saying "Mommy, sun in my eyes, I need sunglasses". I just hadn't gotten around to actually getting him any. Needless to say, he was THRILLED when he got some...especially because they're "Muscle Man" (that's what he calls Spider Man) sun glasses. Peyton's new shades are hilarious - I'm jealous they don't make them in my size!! When she put them on the other day, I said to her, "Wow, you guys are such cool dudes!". Well now every time Peyton puts her sunglasses on she says, "cool dude!" over and over. Fun stuff!

Here are some pictures of the kids with their sunglasses on and then of our trip to the part last night after dinner. Enjoy!

I love this picture...his shirt says "Player" (really it says "Soccer Player"). Doesn't he look like a "PLAYER" with his shades on and his "Ta-Doh" clutched tightly in his hand??


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