With a huge sigh of relief, I'm happy to let you all know that Peyton's bloodwork that they re-did on Friday came back and she does NOT have mono. All of her symptoms and her blood levels on Tuesday indicated that she had mono, but thankfully everything was starting to turn around on Friday and the blood test came back saying it was just a nasty virus. Thank God!! I was trying to mentally prepare myself for having a lethargic, whiney 4-year-old as a semi-permanent fixture in my office. Thanks to all of you who have been praying for Peyton to feel better!

Peyton finally had her first day of school today and she had a blast. Probably didn't hurt that they celebrated two of her classmates birthdays today so they had treats galore!! :) She's definitely feeling better and we're excited to see how much progress she makes this year in school.


Sarah said...

Thank you Jesus, for no mono.

PhilandTheresa said...

Praise the Lord for that news!

Cuddle Cottage said...

Wow, that must have been nerve-wracking. I'm so glad your news is good:)

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