I am a clutz

There. I said it. Last night I spent an hour and a half in the ER getting x-rays on my foot. For those of you who know me, you know that I NEVER go to the doctor...unless I'm dying ... or giving birth to a 10 lb. baby. Well I had a little mishap last night. It was stupid really. Here's what happened.

Yesterday Chad and I were gone all day at a training for the study we're going to be starting up for small group. So at bedtime Carson was wanting some extra "mom time". We were sitting in his room after reading books and had turned the light off and were rocking in the rocking chair. We sat there for a little while and then all of the sudden I heard Chad come walking in. Apparently both Carson and I had fallen asleep in the rocking chair. I whispered to Chad I'd be right out. I sat there for a minute and then stood up with Carson in my arms and took a step towards Carson's bed. Big mistake. When I was sitting in the chair I had my left leg up crossed on resting on my right knee. I was half-asleep and didn't even think that my foot was asleep. As I shifted my weight onto my left foot it gave out and I went down like a sack of potatoes. I twisted around to the right so I didn't bash Carson's head on the bedpost. Luckily I caught the edge of the bed with my left elbow and was able to catch my self on my right knee so I didn't completely do a faceplant and hurt Carson. Chad heard the commotion and came running in. I told him I'd tripped or something but was okay. He went out of the room and I attempted to stand up on my left foot and couldn't put any weight on it. I managed to get Carson into the bed and then hobbled out of his room. When I finally made it down the stairs I told Chad that I'd done something to my foot. It swelled up right away, so I got ice on it and we sat there for a while waiting to see if it felt any better. Finally I told Chad I'd just feel better going in and making sure nothing was broken because I didn't want to be stuck at home with both kids here trying to hobble around after them with a broken foot or something ridiculous thing like that. Thankfully my parents were down for the weekend, so Chad and I headed to the ER. The x-rays came back looking as though it's just a bad sprain, nothing broken. But they'll have a radiologist look at it on Monday just to double-check. So they sent me home with an ice pack, an ace bandage wrap and a pair of crutches.

So here we sit...debating whether or not to attempt the Twins game this afternoon. We've had tickets for over a month and we talked up the game to the kids yesterday afternoon and last night, so they've pretty much got their hearts set on going. I'm thinking I'll give it a shot and try to leave the crutches at home. I've been able to bear some weight on it this morning and I REALLY want to see the game!!! Keep your fingers crossed that no one steps on my foot in the mass of people at the game! And if you hear any news stories of a limping woman falling down the stairs on to the field...that's probably me. :) Wish me luck.


PhilandTheresa said...

I still can't believe you came- you ankle didn't look to pretty. Glad you did though. It was great sitting on the end of the row and getting up 1,000- times! Good thing Chad put his foot down to the drunk guys!

Katie said...

so....what did the radiologist say?

Lisa~Crazy Adventures in Parenting said...

Oh my, I'm sorry you hurt yourself. Be gentle on it. What I thought was merely a sprain has proven to be quite a nuisance, sometimes sprains are worse than breaks! In my case its made my ankle weak. Have you tried Arnica Montana? That should help *hugs*

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