Fall Fun

Our life the past couple of months has been pretty nuts. Between preparing for my brother's wedding, all of Peyton's therapy appointments, and just life in general, I feel like we never have time to just go do something fun as a family. Well yesterday after speech therapy Chad met us at the 101 Market in Otsego. They have a bunch of fun things for the kids to do and I'd heard about their "corn pit" and thought it'd be an incredible sensory thing for Peyton. The kids LOVED it!! I crawled around in there with them and it was pretty cool! It was funny to watch Peyton because she kept wanting to put her face in the corn. She'd lay down and say "sleeping", then she'd just lay there and a couple of times I honestly thought she might just zonk right out! Carson was in heaven throwing corn (which he was told NOT to do) and jumping off the hay bales into the corn. We spent a good hour there playing and then headed out to grab a bite to eat. Last night Peyton kept asking "Play corn?"...so I think it was a hit! Here are some pictures from our fun afternoon. The one of the kids both looking at me is when I was lecturing them on how the corn wasn't for US to eat, it was for ANIMALS to eat. :) Enjoy the pics!


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