Kid Conversations

Somedays as I listen to the kids play together I cringe at the things I hear them saying. Not that they're horribly profane or inappropriate or anything like that, but it makes me realize some of the things I must say on a regular enough basis that the kids have picked up on them. Ooopps. There are times where it's heart-warming to hear them talk to each other, too, but the not-so-nice things usually seem to outweigh the sweet things that are said.

Here are a few of the things I've heard Carson saying to Peyton recently:

"Peyti, I'm DONE wif you."

"I'm not in da mood today."

"I mean it!"

"You be nice or I swat your bahooni!"

"Peyti, you so naughty!" (I DO not say that one...not sure where he picked that up)

"Argh, I've had it!"

"You sit in time out NOW!!"

"Peyti, you want me to love you?"

"I'm NOT joking!"

"You such a big girl! Good talking!" (it's funny how he picks up on new words or phrases Peyton is saying...and it's fun to see him acknowledging the progress she's making with her speech!)

"Peyti, did you wipe your weewee?" (can you tell we're working on potty training??)

"C'mon, lets go wrestle."

"Hooray for Peyton!!!"

"Peyti, I help you?"

Last weekend when my parents were down to visit, my mom and I were talking to Carson about how he's such a big boy and he needs to start wearing underwear all the time, etc. I was trying to convince him to go poopie on the big potty and it wasn't going over so well. My mom piped up, "Carson, you can do it - Grandma goes all by herself, too!". Carson sat there for a minute and then he says, "Grandma, you go poop on the big pot? Who wipes you?". We about died laughing. The kid's a piece of work!!


Courtney said...

My kids are the same. It's also so funny hearing my oldest son ordering my younger daughter to do something I asked him to do with the exact same wording and tone of voice.

PhilandTheresa said...

My favorite is, do you want me to love you?

Kate said...

Ha- that is too funny. I only have the one, but I've caught him telling his friends before, "That was very naughty, you need to go in the corner!"

Too funny.

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