And the sayings go on...

A while back I posted a few things I'd overheard the kids saying and I couldn't resist posting again with some recent ones, especially because Peyton's speech is absolutely TAKING OFF! Praise the Lord!!!

Here we go...

Last night I heard Carson downstairs wrestling with Daddy. They always say all sorts of silly things when they "wrestle". This is what I heard:

Chad - "Get over here you little turkey, I'm gonna clean your clock!"

Carson - "But Daddy I don't have a clock. Can you get me a rag and I'll clean that clock on the wall."


This morning I was talking to the kids as they sat at the kitchen island eating breakfast about a fundraising program at Peyton's school called "Pennies for Patients". It's a way to have the kids help raise money for a cancer research program where they encourage the kids to empty their piggy banks to help other kids who are sick. As I was explaining this to the kids Carson says "Mom, I'm sick so I need some monies". Obviously I hadn't explained it well enough. I kept on explaining and Peyton pipes up, "School friends sick. I hug you!" (she is SO sweet and empathetic!!!) Then she started naming off all of her friends at school who had been sick over the past few weeks. I think I may have gotten through to them finally after telling them that we were going to give some of our "pennies" (my generic term for loose change) so other kids who are sick can buy medicine. Then Carson tells me, "But mommy we're not giving our quarters, just monies". I digress.

And then yesterday as I walked out to get Peyton off the school bus the driver opens the door and as Peyton's ready to walk down the steps she yells in a panicked voice "MY SUCKER!". The bus driver started at the beginning of the year giving out suckers to the kids if they're good on the bus. Well the bus driver said to her, "Oh sweetie, you're the only one who remembered and I'm all out - I'll have to buy more". Then Peyton looks at her and says in a sad voice, "I good!". The driver felt horrible, but I assured her it was NOT a big deal. Peyton was plenty happy to get a hug from bus driver Jan. :)

Now for the final one, the other day the kids were playing downstairs and I hear Peyton yelling "GROSS! Carson gross!!!". I went down to see what was going on and as I'm walking down the stairs I hear Carson saying to Peyton, "Peyton, I just burped, not tooted. Burps don't smell yucky like toots. And toots come from my bum, not my mouth. It's okay.". Thank you Mr. Information.

They just never quit!!! It'll be fun to see what they come up with next...


Kris said...

LMAO! Just to let you know, the bodily function talk just gets worse as boys get bigger. And it will be even more gross to Peyton as she gets older. Boys are just gross, even as men. It's a wonder that they convince women to marry them. Are you frozen yet?

PhilandTheresa said...

Wow. I am glad I got the defintion of a toot. Not from your mouth. That sums it up. Kids are great aren't they?

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