Wordless Wednesday - A Family Affair

That's what vacuuming is at our house. Honestly, I think the kids would rather help vacuum than go somewhere fun like Chuck E. Cheese. It's nuts. Keepin' my fingers crossed they enjoy it this much ten years from now. Last night Chad started vacuuming upstairs while Peyton was downstairs. The second she heard the vacuum start up she went frantically running up the stairs yelling, "Daddy, no!!! Wait for me!".


Melissa said...

They can come over to my house next!!! Happy WW- great pics!

Anonymous said...

Want to send them over here !

Thompson's said...

That is great!!! Like you said, hopefully the enjoy it in 10 years.

PhilandTheresa said...

looks like Chad missed a spot!

Haasiegirl said...

this is really really cute and what a way to set an example!!


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