It was all I could do...

to keep from laughing my butt off at the dinner table tonight. Carson volunteered to pray before we ate and this is how his prayer went:

"Dear God,
Thank you for this day.
Thank you for words to songs and for the Lord.
Pray for us to go on a walk with him.
Thank you for my fork. And my glass.
Help us to eat.

We usually pray something along the lines of thanks God for our food, for our day and help us to "walk with You"...or go ON a walk with Him - whatever works I guess. :)


Thompson's said...

That is pretty funny...he's volunteering to pray, that is good:-)

Amber said...

So darn cute! Landon is starting to say "Amen" at the end of our table prayers..he's 11 months. Love it!!

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