The Big 3-0

Well it's here. Not sure what all the hype is about, but it's official. I'm 30. Carson told me this morning he got me a chocolate cake and some bubbles for my birthday, so we'll see if that magically appears or not. Happy birthday to my twin bro, Aaron, too!!!

This is a special tribute to my college roomie, Amy. I'll never forget waking up to this BLASTING on my birthday!! :D


Katie said...


The Stepecs said...

Yes! Sweet music! Hope you have a great day!

PhilandTheresa said...

So sorry I missed your b-day!!

Amy S. said...

I just got onto your blog and saw the post of the You Tube video of "Happy Birthday" by the GREATEST band EVER. I have to say that I have played this many a time (blasting as well) to my best friend Jenny for her birthday!!! That is so funny. Again, I hope you had a great birthday!!!

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