Florida: Day 5

Well, today (3.29.09) was our one and only day where there was some rain. It started out overnight continued on and off throughout the day up until about 1:15pm. Of course this happened to be the day Chad and I had tickets for the Twins game, but oh well. We spent the morning hanging around Chad's parents place playing with the kids, then headed down to the stadium with our umbrellas in hand. With it raining there were LOTS of people outside the stadium trying to get rid of tickets. Chad worked his bargaining magic and scored us seats in the 7th row right behind home plate - pretty sweet!! We sat in the rain for about two hours waiting for the game to start. Thankfully the people sitting around us were great to talk to, so at least we were in good company while we sat waiting. And it was actually pretty warm out, so the rain was just more annoying than anything. The first pitch was finally thrown out at 3pm. They played the Cardinals, so that was fun to watch! Obviously the Twins won because they're rock stars!!! We ended up getting home just in time to go to dinner with the rest of the fam and then headed back to the condo to put the kids down a little early.


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