Florida: Day 7

Well we spent our last full day (3.31.09) in Florida the best way we could...at the beach. We had a little bit of a lazy morning but eventually got to the beach. The kids were lovin' it and so were we. Peyton was much more adventurous than she'd been the last time we were at the beach and actually let us take her out in the water. The other day she'd just let the water wash up over her feet and wasn't real thrilled about going much further in than that. I took her out after we ate lunch (great timing, I know...with a tummy full of hot dog & chips) and we did some "wave surfing"...basically that amounted to her yelling "JUMP!!!" every time a wave came, so we'd jump and she'd laugh like it was the funniest thing EVER. We spent a good 30-40 minutes out in the water and it sure was fun to have some time just her and I!

Meanwhile Carson and Daddy were busy playing in the sand. We came back to find Carson buried up to his waist in the sand. He thought he was pretty hot stuff! We spent a while walking up and down the beach finding shells both for ourselves and some for a few friends. Carson was my shell-hunting buddy. As we left the beach Carson said, "Bye beach, thanks for playing with us!".

After a full day at the beach Chad's mom insisted that we hit up Build-A-Bear on our way home. It was a bit of challenge because the kids were wiped, but we managed to get in and out of there pretty quickly. Carson picked a T-Rex and named his "Rex" - very original. And Peyton picked a pink teddy bear that had heart-shaped polka dots. She chose the name "Pink" for her bear. It was fun for the kids to be able to pick out a special stuffed animal to take home with them.

Once we got home from the beach and Build-A-Bear we grabbed some dinner at Bob Evans (Chad's very first time there - what a milestone!!) and then we headed back to pack up everything. We spent the rest of the evening packing and gathering up all our junk.


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