Who woulda thunk?!?!?!

So, my (Chad's) cousin Elise is a pretty cool chick. She's accomplished a lot in her 31 years, including getting her doctorate degree and traveling to various countries pursuing her dreams. Little did she know that her flight home from New Zealand a couple years ago would ultimately end up fulfilling the biggest dream of all - meeting the man of her dreams?!?! It's pretty amazing how God pieces things together when you're least expecting it!

Well, to find out the whole story, check out this link and vote for Elise & Matt as they attempt to win a dream wedding in the Bahamas!!! They're a great couple who certainly deserve this!

P.S. Matt's a rock star graphic designer and I'm super PUMPED to have him as a "cousin-in-law"!!!


Elsiebella said...

You are amazing! Thanks, cousin!
Love you!

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