Baby Mia

Our friends Joe & Gina had baby #3 on May 9th and last night Gina brought baby Mia to bible study at our house. The kids were ecstatic!! Peyton was pretty amazed by the whole process of Gina's tummy getting bigger and bigger during her pregnancy. She seemed to "get it" finally when we looked back at pictures of me when I was pregnant with both of our kids. Carson wasn't nearly as interested - he did ask me "Mom, did Gina eat her?" when we talked about how she had a baby in her tummy. Yikes...didn't want to have THAT conversation quite yet, so I went with the 'ol "Nope, God put the baby in her tummy" answer. Well now that baby Mia is here both of our kids are SO excited. Peyton got to hold her when she was just a few days old, but last night was Carson's first time holding her. He was a riot to watch. He kept leaning down saying things to her like, "Hi baby Mia! My name is Carson. I like you!" and "Do you wanna play cars with me?". Peyton was in her glory when it was her turn to hold the baby. Every noise Mia made Peyton would say, "She laughing" or "She talking to me". My hope is that they'll get their "baby fix" through Mia and drop the line they've been saying a lot lately..."Mom, we either need a baby or a puppy"...


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