Wordless Wednesday - A True Friend

Sorry, I know "Wordless Wednesday" technically means post a picture WITHOUT words, but I just have a tough time NOT writing something!! Anyway...some of you have heard me talk about Peyton's friend Carter from ECSE. From day 1 of school she came home talking about "Carter". I had no idea at the time that Carter would end up pretty much becoming family!! It's been fun to see their "friendship" grow, and even though Carter doesn't always have a lot to say, they've become the best of friends!! Here are a few pictures of Peyton & Carter - some of them walking down the hall together after school (they recently took their friendship to a new level - holding hands as they walk down the hall - so cute!!) and then there's a picture of them at Peyton's birthday party. Thank you Carter for being such a good friend to Peyton...even though she can be a little bossy sometimes!


Amber said...

Those pictures are priceless. She is such a sweetie. We need to plan another playdate so the kids can really play...minus mommies telling them to settle down. :P

Jess said...

Awww...how cute! Happy WW!

Amber said...

BTW...you've been tagged! :)

AND...I am attempting to send your prizes with Officer Marsh to your hubby's classroom. Hope you get it!

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