Whose Kids Are You Talking About???

So last night I co-hosted a Tupperware party with my friend/neighbor, Kelly, and I found out a few days earlier that Chad had Fantasy Football draft party #3 the same night. Perfect. We lucked out and were able to score one of the sitters we've used in the past from church. The kids were excited when we told them Jo was coming to play. They really enjoy having sitters come, but last night was the first time we thought we'd try having the sitter put the kids to bed. This might sound like no big deal, but keep in mind that Peyton is very much a "schedule/routine" girl...and then there's Carson who we nicknamed the "sleepless child" for the first few years of his life. Then of course there was the fact the kids had just had their first day back to daycare, so they were both super clingy when I picked them up. I'm just going to be honest here - I was fairly certain there'd be mass chaos when Jo attempted to put the kids down. But I figured worse case scenario, I'm right across the street, so the kids are comatose on the couch when I run back across the street after my party.

Before we went to get the sitter I'd talked with the kids about how Jo was going to put them to bed. Carson had a few questions like, "Who's going to brush my back teeth?" and "What if I can't get my jammies zipped?". We talked through all the "what ifs" both of the kids had and they seemed a little confused. Peyton kept asking "Jo sleeping downstairs?" because usually if they go to bed and someone's still here (Grandma & Grandpa Peterson especially) then they sleep in the guest room downstairs. Well the time came for me to head over to help set up for the party and I reminded the kids about bedtime and left a big long note for the sitter explaining our bedtime routine, etc. Then I left. At the party I kept checking the clock thinking, oh boy, wonder how things are going. Well by the time we got everyone out the door and things cleaned up it was about 9:45pm. I quickly ran across the street and entered the house to find it....quiet. I could faintly hear the white noise of the kids sound machines upstairs. But other than that, it was quiet. Jo came walking up the stairs from downstairs and said, "Hey!". Of course the first thing out of my mouth was "How'd bedtime go?". What came out of her mouth completely and utterly shocked me. She replied, "Wow, you're kids are so great! They've been the easiest kids BY FAR to put to bed! I gave them a warning that it was 'almost' bedtime and they both ran upstairs to the bathroom to brush teeth, then got jammies on, went potty and we read some books. Then they both got in their beds and said 'good night, Jo!' and I haven't heard a peep out of them since! I LOVE babysitting for you guys!!". I just stood there. Seriously, I was speechless. All I could say was, "Wow....wow....wow...", then I finally managed to say something else like "Well I'm glad it went well...wow.".

As I was driving Jo home, I just kept thinking about everything she'd said about the kids and how they'd behaved for her. Then I felt bad that I'd automatically assumed they'd melt in to useless heaps of nothingness without me there to console them. I guess after the long summer of having everyone home without any real schedule and all of us getting on each others nerves as a result, I'd just had it in my head that the kids wouldn't know how to deal with the fact that neither of us were home for bedtime like we usually are. I smiled driving home and said "Thanks God!" - this couldn't have come at a better time. Right as I'm staring at an insanely crazy schedule for the upcoming school year and feeling like somewhat of a failure as a parent with the last few weeks of summer break having not gone so well. So this morning I woke up feeling renewed and ready to take on this crazy life that God has given me, with all the running around to three different preschools, various therapy appointments, client appointments, church meetings, etc. It's funny how God takes little things like a babysitter telling you how wonderfully well-behaved your children were to reassure you that despite all your feelings of inadequacy, He's right there beside you, helping you and guiding you through all the trials you're facing.


PhilandTheresa said...

Wow. Love this post. First, Jo is an awesome babysitter. I am glad things went to well. And second- good for you for taking that and learning an awesome thing, and feeling so blessed. I love how God works. In ways that I could never imagine! I miss you friend!!!

Corey said...

I love reading your blog Aimee. This post gets me really excited to be a daddy. The moment you think your little ones are going to have a complete meltdown, God takes over and they give you a pleasant surprise.

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