The First Week

Well, Peyton is LOVING kindergarten and has been coming home full of things to share with us. Usually she's pretty tight lipped about her day, but after the first day of kindergarten she talked the ENTIRE 25 minute car ride to therapy. She told me about going in the gym with Mr. Fischer (The P.E. teacher) and "jumping". She told me about going in "the little gym" to eat lunch, and about some friends having "hot lunch". Then she told me she didn't need her snack because it was Holly's birthday and they sang Happy Birthday to her. She also told me about seeing some of her other friends from last year's preschool class in the hallway. I sat there wishing so desperately that I some sort of hidden camera feature in the car so that I could've been recording all of this. The funniest part was the way she was talking - like she was a old pro with this school thing. She kept using phrases like "Well, I think so" and "Um, yeah, then we did..." and "Let me think...".

Yesterday Peyton came home and instantly tore into her backpack to show me her stuff she'd brought home. I happened to have the camera close by so I recorded her showing off what she'd done at school. She "read" me two stories, like she was the teacher and I was a student. :) Then all last night she was "Mrs. Ward" and I kept hearing her saying things like "Okay, class time for gym" or "Now it's time for lunch - grab your lunch bags". We had to remind her this morning before we left for school that when she's at school she's PEYTON, not Mrs. Ward. Hopefully she remembers that and doesn't take over Mrs. Ward's class!!

Oh, and Peyton also told me, "I have a new Grandma on the bus. She has hearing aids. She's old. Her name is Linda." The bus Peyton rides is driven by an older lady and then there's a para that rides with the kids who is even older...Peyton's in heaven and wants to ride the bus "every day all day with my Grandma" she told me. Love it.

I think it's safe to say kindergarten is a big hit!!


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