Christmas Break

Well, it's the Monday after Christmas break has "officially" ended. What a whirlwind break it was. I'm not quite sure why I feel like that because we were here at home the entire time, but still, it just seems like it went by way too fast and it was a blur. Maybe because we did so much over break. Who knows. Here's how our Christmas/New Year's went...a 'lil something like this:

December 24th -

All of Chad's mom's family came in from out of town (Nebraska, Missouri, California...) and we all gathered with Chad's parents, his Grandpa and a few friends for a massive Christmas Eve meal and lots of laughs. We opened presents and then sat in a food-induced stupor after we topped off the evening with pie from Baker's Square.

December 25th -
Repeat of December 24th, with the day ending as Mommy & Daddy took Carson to see "Yogi Bear" while Peyton lounged in her PJs at Grandma & Papa's.

December 26th -
Headed to church for a fun family-friendly interactive church service with our NorthRidge family. Carson shared his picture of "God and Jesus walking on the water" with everyone (his interpretation of the scripture passage our table was discussing about Jesus being the Living Water) little artist! :) Then we just enjoyed some downtime at home that afternoon, and went out for a yummy "kids-eat-free" dinner at probably my favorite restaurant of all times - Axel's Bonfire.

December 27th -
Hit up the waterpark in Otsego to use some passes we had - the kids had a blast! Mom and Dad endured the chili water for as long as we could before we finally had had enough. As long as we were running laps in the lazy river we were fine, otherwise I'm pretty sure it would've been warmer if the pool had been OUTside. Sheesh.

December 28th -
Had a lazy morning in our PJs, ate some cinnamon rolls, then took the kids to use some giftcards at Target, scored a Disney Cars parking ramp that's been a BIG hit! Then Mom and Dad headed out to dinner and a show - Triple Espresso, with some good friends (and Chad's extended family who were still in town).

December 29th -
We bundled up the kids and called our friends Kelly, Colin & Jake to go sledding with us. It was a blast!! Then after lunch we picked up Colin and headed to see "Tangled" - what a cute movie! Later that afternoon/evening Mom and Dad were off to use some Timberwolves tickets we'd gotten at the Silent Auction for Peyton's therapeutic riding organization. We had AWESOME seats - 7th row, midcourt. In typical Wolves style, they led most of the game and ended up losing by a few points in the last couple minutes. Lovely. Chad was like a giddy school girl after the game because we were sitting by the Vikings player EJ Henderson and he got to shake hands with him as we were walking out. Excitement...or not.

December 30th -
We got up bright and early to head down to Children's Minneapolis/Noran Clinic to get Peyton all set up for a 24-hour EEG. Her pediatric neurologist wanted to do this to make sure Peyton's not having any sort of mini-seizure activity that's causing her to wake up multiple times per night (thus, complicating a few things at school - staying focused/on-task due to not being fully rested). The tech hooked up 26 electrodes to Peyton's head (and a couple to her chest and side to monitor her heart). I was beyond nervous how this would all go down, but Peyton was AMAZING!! She sat so still and followed the tech's directions so well that he was done hooking everything up within 20 minutes. Mr. Tim, the tech, told Peyton she was his "perfect angel" and that he'd gotten done in record time! He then talked with Peyton about her friend "Star" the horse that she got to take home. Star was a little horse backpack that held the harddrive where all the electrodes hooked up to, recording Peyton's brain activity. The way we explained it to Peyton was that "Star" was "typing" on the computer so the doctor could see how smart she is! :) Oh, and I have to mention Carson, too - he ended up having to come with and did a fabulous job sitting quietly with Daddy, not distracting Peyton while she was supposed to sit still. Once we headed home our day consisted of laying low, watching a couple of movies, playing cars and ending the day with Mom having a sleepover in Peyton's room (to make sure she didn't wake up in the night and attempt to take off any of the electrodes/wires). Carson and Dad got to have their own sleepover, too!

December 31st -
We had to endure the worst part of Peyton's EEG - removing the putty/glue they used to attach the electrodes to Peyton's scalp. Not fun. :( It took us a good 40+ minutes in the tub to get it all off. Peyton was NOT a happy camper...and to be honest, Mom was near tears, too. But we survived!! Then the kids were off for a sleepover at Grandma & Papas. At the very beginning of Christmas break Grandma had told the kids they could spend the night the Friday before they had to go back to school...pretty sure she didn't realize it was New Year's, but hey, a free overnight babysitter = Mom and Dad on an overnight date night downtown. We splurged (with the help of some credit card points...knew those would come in handy some day!) and stayed at Graves Hotel in Block E downtown. We used a giftcard to get some appetizers, then wandered a bit downtown before heading to Kieran's for an evening of people watching and listening to the Sweet Colleens. :) We had a blast!

January 1st -
After sleeping uninterrupted past 6:30am for the first time in....oh, a REAAAAALY long time, we packed up our bags and headed to the Macy's clearance racks. Yep, can't pass up a good clearance rack!! :) We found the deals of the year (yes, I realize it was only 1st day of the year, but still...they were fantastic). We scored a winter coat for Carson (for next year), 2 fleece zip-up sweatshirts for Peyton and 2 ties for Chad (no, he still can't tie them) for a grand total of $29.38. Wowser. Our receipt said the total would've been just under $300 if we'd paid full-price for everything we got. Love me a good bargain!!

January 2nd -
Headed down to Children's to return the EEG equipment, then made it back in time for second service at church. Peyton was thrilled that the worship team sang not one but TWO of her favorite songs AND she got to sit/sing with Grandma Janice. Woohoo!! :) After church we ran to Target (like everyone from NRF does after church) and grabbed a few things, then headed home to make a big fatty brunch to eat while watching the Vikes lose and the Packers win - GO PACK GO!!! Then we packed up lunches, snow gear bags and headed to bed.

January 3rd -
The kids gave me a late Christmas present - they both slept ALL NIGHT. Incredible. And thus begins our routine we call "normal".

Hope you all had a great Christmas break!!


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