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I'll be the first to admit, there are things about my husband that drive me crazy (as I'm sure he'd say about ME, too). I mean absolutely CAH-RAZY! It drives me crazy when he picks his fingernails and leaves them on the end table or night stand. I often cringe when his number pops up on my cell phone because I know my eardrum will be blasted out at some point during the phone call by one of his out-of-control allergy coughing fits (not that he can control it - but it still irritates me. Heaven forbid he hold the phone away from his mouth while he coughs.). He's UBER particular about the house being spotless and everything being in its' place. All the time. And I despise that most of the time. We do LIVE in the house, after all. With two young children. His laundry has to be folded a certain way...NOT the way I would normally fold things. He has a hard time just "being" without having 500 things planned to do - definitely not as go with the flow as I am...which drives me nuts some times. He's constantly on my case about not running the car through the car wash enough. Clearly he grew up a city boy, and isn't used to a little dust like his country girl wife who spent the majority of her childhood barefoot out in the woods chasing animals and finding cool things to make craft projects out of. He also often leaves toothpaste and popcorn remnants in the sink without rinsing it. Oh, and he can't tie his own tie. Have I mentioned that? I've been tying his tie before work for 12+ years...and it's getting old. REALLY old.

I could probably go on and on with nit picky things that irritate me about my husband. Since I'm perfect, I'm sure there isn't anything I do that rubs him the wrong way (can you say eye rolling?). Well, despite my tendency to see all of the things he doesn't do right, I'd like to share with you some of the things he does do right.

My husband has a heart like no other. Honestly, I'm surprised it can fit in his chest without causing major issues. He's the anti-Grinch when it comes to the size of his heart. As much as it often annoys me that he walks in the door every night on his phone with someone, I've come to realize that's okay, because I know he's checking in with one of the many guys he's formed a solid friendship with. Or he's calling to check in with someone else he knows is struggling and could use someone to listen or offer encouragement. He genuinely cares about ever person he comes in contact with. And his desire to help other men walk the road of being a Christ-like dad, husband, and friend is one I greatly admire. So what if 80% of the minutes on our shared cell phone plan (which also includes my business phone) are from his phone. They're minutes well spent.

I'm often annoyed that it doesn't seem like we can go anywhere without someone going, "Hey Chad!" or "Hi Mr. Libby!". Seriously, can't people just leave us alone so we can eat dinner uninterrupted?  It really doesn't seem to matter where we go, someone knows Chad. No joke, we were walking on the beach out on Captiva Island in Florida over spring break last year and I hear, "Well if it isn't Chad Libby!". We ran in to a family he had in his classroom several years back. We can't go to a restaurant, airport, or even on VACATION somewhere without people recognizing him. But I've come to realize this is actually a good thing. People remember my husband because he's left a lasting impression on people he's invested time in.

A few years back we were invited to a graduation open house of one of Chad's former students. This boy had been in Mr. Libby's 3rd & 4th grade class while his parents were going through a difficult divorce. The boys' mom had approached Chad and was beside herself, worrying because her son was becoming withdrawn and was having a tough time dealing with all that was going on in his family. His mom had sat down with him and told him he really needed to find someone he could talk to. She offered to find a therapist for him to go see, but she left it up to the boy to tell her who he'd like to spend some time with and talk. His response, "Mr. Libby". This boy would hang out in Chad's class after school helping wipe down desks or just sitting around talking about whatever was on his mind. At the time, I don't think Chad thought a whole lot about it. But when we walked up the front yard to this graduation party, the boy, who was now grown and towered over Chad, came running with his arms flung open saying, "MR. LIBBY!!! I can't believe you came!". I stood there tearing up as it was so obvious the impact Chad had on this family. The boy proceeded to take Chad around introducing him to all of his friends as "Mr. Libby - his FAVORITE teacher EVER". What a cool experience to watch unfold. So I guess if we're never able to have an uninterrupted meal out again, it's totally worth it.

Probably the thing I love the most about my husband, though, is seeing him with our kids. I often joke with people that I really have three children. He's the first one to start up the wrestling match after dinner each night. And he's not afraid to go lay on the floor playing super heroes or cars with the kids. Sometimes I see them out running around in the backyard together and I can't stop watching as they're having the time of their lives running around playing tag together. I love that.

This morning Chad went in to school with the kids for "Donuts with Dad". He'd made arrangements with Peyton's teacher to go in and talk to her class about her disability after they were done with their donuts. This has been something we've talked about since Peyton started 2nd grade. As she gets older and kids start to realize more that she's different, we wanted to explain why that is to help prevent kids being mean or judging her. Earlier this week Chad and I were in the car driving somewhere together and he'd found a book he was considering reading to her class. I was driving, so he read the story to me. As he read, I could hear his voice crack in spots. By the end of the book we were both bawling. We decided that book probably wouldn't work, although it had a great message! :) Last night Chad was bouncing some ideas off of me on how to present Peyton's disability to the class. I knew he was a bit nervous about it. As parents, we just want other kids to give her a chance - to see what we see...a sweet, intelligent girl who loves unconditionally.

A little bit ago I got a call from Chad as he was driving to work after talking to Peyton's class (and yes, he coughed in my ear). He said it went really well and that the kids were very receptive and didn't seem phased by what he had to say. We talked a bit about what he'd discussed with the kids, and then he shared that the teacher was amazed at how well the kids sat and listened. She called him the "child whisperer". Fitting.  Probably didn't hurt that I'd been praying since he'd left with the kids that the morning would go well. After getting the call from Chad, I just felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders. My "mama heart" was smiling and my "wife heart" was beaming. I was once again reminded how truly blessed I am to be called Mom and Mrs. Libby.

God is good ... in ALL circumstances, even if they feel overwhelming at times. And He's blessed me with an amazing husband and family. Thank you, Lord.


Anonymous said...

Stop making me cry.

Trish Anderson said...

I am so very grateful to have had Peyton in my class years ago. 2nd Grade? You must be joking! I haven't aged a bit! Regardless, I consider you and your family a blessing to our community and adore how much love you and Chad have for eachother and your children. And the work you are doing advocating for her specialness as well as the specialness of all is quite remarkable! God Bless you all!

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