All in HIS perfect time

Wow, it's been WAY too long since I've blogged here about Libbyland. But I just had to take a few minutes and share something very cool that happened this afternoon. First, let me back up and give you a little background so you can understand how this has all come about.

So, Miss Peyton had been doing Occupational Therapy since her birth injury {brachial plexus injury to her right arm/shoulder}. We'd been in out-patient therapy weekly since she was 1 month old. Then a little over a year ago, our insurance provider decided they didn't like the lack of progress Peyton was making and refused to cover OT any longer. We went through two rounds of appeals and ultimately were unable to provide the documentation/standardized testing results they were looking for {part of the issue was the OT we were seeing at the time wasn't up for fight like our Pediatrician was, but that's another story...}. We were looking in to what we needed to do to appeal the denial of coverage through the state of Minnesota when, out of the blue, Chad was offered the position of Q Comp Coordinator at Big Lake Public Schools. As we were looking through the benefits plan, the very first thing listed...Occupational Therapy - 100% coverage {along with Speech therapy which is critical}. Chad accepted the job and life has been busy ever since. I had looked in to a few different options for OT, but it was summer and we just never found the right time to get back in to it.

Over the past couple of months, our Speech clinician we see at Children's and our Pediatrician have been talking. They both felt as thought it'd be beneficial for Peyton to start OT again - to help with her fine motor skills {specifically writing} and also to work on some sensory issues. Peyton has always had a tough time processing and dealing with seeing someone who has an injury/impairment of any sort. She will see someone with crutches, or a walker, or in a wheelchair and she is completely consumed with wanting to make sure they are okay. And she also wants to know how they got hurt, if they had surgery, how long it will take for them to get better, etc. - all so she knows how to pray for them. :) While that sounds so sweet, it has been completely exhausting for us at home because that's all she can think about, specifically when she's finally settles down at night and is laying in bed trying to go to sleep. Peyton is generally up 1-3 times each night. I often joke that I haven't had a solid night's sleep in the past 10 years {Peyton's almost 9}. Thankfully, I don't need a lot of sleep to survive, but still - it's draining.

A couple of weeks back I started checking around trying to find places that were within 30-40 minutes from our house we could check out for OT. All of the places I was finding seemed so "hospital-like", and Peyton just doesn't usually do well in those types of environments. She's a relationship girl, so she needs an environment that is welcoming and inviting. I wasn't finding anywhere like that - it wasn't looking too promising. But then I came across this place I'd never heard of before ... Capernaum Pediatric Therapy. The first thing I saw on their website was Philippians 4:13 "I can do all things through him who strengthens me". I almost burst in to tears. How have I not heard of this place? We've been in "therapy mode" for the past almost 9 years and I had never ever heard of this clinic. As I read more on their website, I learned that this place was started by two therapists and is faith-based. Score! Their blog has scripture passages all over it which was pretty cool to see. They offer all sorts of specialized programs {including handwriting therapy that we've been looking for, adaptive dance, talent shows, aquatic therapy, etc.}, and it TOTALLY sounds like somewhere Peyton would thrive. Huge bonus, they accept our new insurance, too!

Yesterday I called and talked with a lovely lady there explaining our situation and the type of services we were looking for. Since we're already in so many other therapies, we have a very limited number of time slots that will work with our in we could only do a 3:00pm appointment on Monday or a 3:00pm appointment on Tuesday. Good thing those are very desirable time slots which rarely open up. *sigh* The women on the phone was very helpful, but told me that unfortunately, they had quite the waiting list. I decided to add our name anyway. As we wrapped up our phone call, the lady said, "If you don't hear back from us by JULY, please feel free to call back and see what number you are on the waiting list". Ugh. Talk about feeling hopeless. But we were on the waiting list, so hooray for that.

Today I'm sitting in my office working when my phone rings. It was a number I didn't recognize, but I answered it anyways. It was VAL from CAPERNAUM. I thought to myself, oh great, I forgot to give them some information they need or something. Nope. Val says, "Hi Aimee, you're not even going to believe this, but we had someone who sees our OT at the New Hope office at 3:00pm on Tuesdays call and say they're doctor is discharging them from OT, so if you want that time slot - it's yours!". I seriously almost fell out of my chair. WHAT?! Here I was prepared to hunker down for the long haul, trying to convince myself that if we got in before the start of the next school year, that'd be just great. God had a different plan, though. He knew the timing of everything and how it would all play out...just like He always does. :) So, next Tuesday at 3:00pm, we'll be starting our first visit for OT at Capernaum. Yay, God, for working out details that us feeble-minded humans think are impossible!!

As I went online to download the registration forms that need to be filled out prior to our visit next week, I clicked on the "Meet our Staff" link {which took me to their blog}. This is what I saw next to the name of the therapist we'll be working with. I'm in love!

I absolutely CANNOT wait to see how God is going to use this new therapy to help Peyton!!  And also, how He's going to use HER to bless those we come in contact with at Capernaum. Please pray that this will be a great fit for our family...I'm not sure how it couldn't be as God's worked out details to get us there. All in His perfect usual.

{this is the video we put together when Peyton was dedicated at Hope Fellowship - just thought it was fitting to include with this post because God always has a PLAN!}


PhilandTheresa said...

So excited for you guys, thanks for sharing.

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