Peyton the "helper"

Why is it that when little kids try to "help" it usually turns into a big fiasco? This morning when the kids got up, I got them dressed as usual and we went downstairs for a quick snack before heading off to daycare (they eat a later breakfast at daycare). As I was putting Carson in his high chair I hear Peyton open the pantry and start pulling things out...not all that unusual because she's usually grabbing her favorite bag of Craisins and brings them over to the table, so I didn't think anything of it. I walked over to the fridge to get some milk for the kids to drink and as I turned around I see Peyton attempting to pour a box of cereal on to Carson's tray. I dropped the cup I was holding and ran over towards her, reaching her just as she dumped the ENTIRE box of honey nut cheerios onto Carson tray which overflowed and spilled all over on the floor. Peyton instantly stepped back like she was scared, looked at me and started signing "help". I couldn't help but smile at her! Then I look at Carson and he's got a big smile on his face - he was signing "eat" and saying "cracker". Anything and everything you could possibly eat is a "cracker" to him right now. Well, then the clean up process began. I'm fairly confident I got the majority of the cheerios out of the floor vent, but I guess we won't know for sure until next fall when we turn the heat back on. If we have cheerios blasting up out of the vent then I'll obviously know I missed some. : ) Exciting times at the Libbys!!!


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