Fun in the sun

We has SUCH a fun weekend! Friday night we took the kids to the park and wore them out, then had a bonfire once they went to bed with the neighbors and Chad's parents. Saturday we got up and decided to take the kids to Como Zoo. What a perfect day it was! We arrived early, but it was still packed. We saw all kinds of monkeys (in cages and also out walking around in the crowds), lions, giraffes, zebras, seals, an ostrich, buffalo and a few other animals. Carson thought that everything was a dog, so any animal he saw he'd start barking at them...even the seals. : ) Peyton was more into her popcorn that daddy bought her than the animals, but that's typical. At the very end of our visit we walked through the conservatory and saw all the beautiful plants and flowers. The flowers were in full bloom and were incredible! Carson illegally picked the top off some endangered flower, so we had a souvenier to take home...oops. And Peyton attemped to climb into the fish pond to catch some fish. She thought the fish bobbing their heads up out of the water was hilarious. Carson kept reaching for the fish saying "ous, ous, ous" (that's his word for "out"). By the time we made it around the flower exhibit and were attempting to snap a couple quick pictures of the kids they were ready to go. Carson kept signing and saying "all done" (as you'll see in the picture). But all in all, we had a great time.

After we got home and the kids woke up from their naps, we headed back outside for an action-packed afternoon/evening in the back yard. Peyton woke up first, so she got to help mommy plant some flowers and then she got to use her very own watering can to help water them. She thought that was pretty special! Then Carson finally woke up and Peyton was thrilled to have someone to play with! Both of the kids love the freedom they have in the backyard to run/crawl pretty much anywhere they want to. They thought it was a riot playing hide and seek in their little playhouse, and Peyton was in heaven bouncing around the yard on her ball. By the end of the day both kids were more than ready to head inside, eat some dinner, grab a quick bath and head to bed.

Sunday we got up and went to church, then came back home, had lunch, and the kids went down for naps. Daddy stayed with them while Mom went to softball practice. When the kids woke up our friends Jason & Brandie came over with their two little ones and we had yet another backyard party. We grilled out and had a fabulous dinner out on the deck. The kids had a blast playing together, but it was obvious when they had reached their point of no return...about 7pm when everything turned into dramafest 2007. Once again, it was time for baths and right to bed! We're excited for many more fun weekends like this over the summer!!


Katie said...

Cute pictures!! I see you gave Peyton bangs - Aaron and I think she looks older. :)

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