God is good!

I just thought I'd pass along an article I found on-line that might help explain a little more about some of the struggles
Peyton is facing with her speech and overall development. We found out that there is a support group in the area where other families are able to get together for play dates and other outings to meet people so we can share stories and resources, and most importantly the kids can play with other children with Apraxia.

Anyway, just thought I'd pass this along since it describes the main condition Peyton has - Global Apraxia. The second link is to the support group webpage. There is a great link on this page (About Childhood Apraxia) that gives definitions for the various types of Apraxia if anyone is interested in learning more. It's often times so frustrating trying to explain what's "wrong" with Peyton when people ask or stare when we're out in public. We know that in God's eyes Peyton is perfect and was made just as He intended, but it isn't always easy for the world to see that. This is why we were so excited to find this story and pass it along.



Peyton continues to make progress, although it's slow, but that's pretty typical according to the research we've done. We're so thankful that Peyton is such a sweet, determined girl and that even when tasks are difficult she works through them and gives it everything she has! Thanks so much to all of you who have been praying for us and Peyton through all of this. We've been so blessed with a wonderful group of family, friends and therapists to support us through this journey. We're confident God has great plans for Peyton and our family...now we just have to trust in Him and wait to see what those plans are!


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