The Simple Things In Life

Isn't it amazing how kids find so much joy in the simplest things in going to the park? Our kids think they have DIED and gone to heaven anytime we even SAY the word park. We took them there the other night after Peyton's birthday supper of chocolate chip pancakes and they had a blast! Peyton's favorite thing to do is swing...Carson just likes to sit in the swing and watch everyone else there as he says "tweet, tweet" for every bird he sees. We've been impressed, though, because the last two times we've gone to the park Peyton has actually gone up the stairs of the slide all by herself and when she gets to the top she'll yell "DOWN!!!" and slide down without getting freaked out. Big accomplishment. It's nice because our favorite park has a double slide that her and Carson can "race" down...actually, Peyton just likes to shove Carson down his slide and then laugh hysterically as she still manages to beat him to the bottom. Carson's new found pastime is rearranging every woodchip on the playground. He decided that the slide needs woodchips on it, too, so he kept taking one piece at a time over to the slide and throwing it on. I'm thinking we might have a future landscaper on our hands. Yikes.


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