We have some VERY exciting news to report on Peyton's progress in speech therapy. Yesterday she said her name for the VERY FIRST TIME!!! You could just see her face light up when she realized she'd just said it all by herself. : ) We have been working SO hard to help her learn how to say her own name, especially before she starts preschool, and she finally did it!!! As we were getting ready for daycare this morning Peyton was walking around the house pointing to all the pictures of her saying "Pey-ton" – then she'd clap for was pretty cute to watch.

This probably doesn't seem like anything too terribly exciting to report, but for a child with apraxia (see our link to the side to find out more about apraxia), any progress made in their speech is a HUGE step. We've been so happy to see how Peyton has progressed over the summer with the grueling number of therapy sessions she's had to endure the past couple of months. On Sept. 4th Peyton starts preschool through the Early Childhood Special Education program in our school district and we can't wait to see how well she does there. She'll be going Monday - Thursday mornings for two and a half hours. She will work with an occupational therapist, physical therapist and a speech therapist, while doing all the regular things kids do at preschool. These therapy sessions will replace the in-home services we've been getting through the school district for the past two years.

We hope you all are as excited about our "news" as we are!! Stay tuned for more updates on Peyton's progress...and State Fair pictures!!!


Mike and Becky said...

What a precious little girl Peyton is! We are so proud of her and her accomplishments. Every one is a big step for her and we know how hard she has worked for all of them. She is a special little girl and we are so thankful she is out little granddaughter! Love,
Grandpa and Grandma P.

Katie said...

Yeah! That is great!

Lindsey M said...

Way to go Peyton!

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