Quick Update

Sorry I haven't posted anything in a while! Life seems like it gets busier and busier with each day that passes. Anyway, here's a quick update on what's been going on with us for the past few weeks.

July 20-22
We went up to some friend's family "cabin" on Cross Lake with 5 other families from our small group. We had a great weekend on the lake, and had some great fellowship with our friends as well. The kids enjoyed playing in the sandbox, riding on the boogie board with Daddy, chasing around Ranger - the 13 year old yellow lab who just wanted to lay down and relax, playing wiffle ball, and watching the water planes take off across the lake. We also took a big group outing on the pontoon boat across the lake to Dairy Queen, which was quite the adventure with 12 adults and 12 kids under 5. : )

July 24
The kids got a new water table which they LOVE! We've got it all set up on the deck and it's provided HOURS of entertainment. Peyton just taught Carson how to drink out of it like a trough, which has been hilarious to watch. They also just figured out they can pour cups of water over each other's heads - definitely funny until they try it on Mom or Dad. : )

July 26
After speech therapy we decided to take the kids to Chuck E Cheese. It was definitely a HUGE HIT! Peyton's favorite ride was the "Rock Around The Clock" ride. It was great watching how much fun the kids had running around checking everything out. Probably the funniest thing, though, was watching Peyton's reaction when Chuck E came out for some kid's birthday party. She went NUTS! She thought Chuck E was there for her and her only! The term "party crasher" took on a whole new meaning once Peyton saw Chuck E. I think everyone had a great time...and the best part was the kids were beat by the time we got home...just in time for bedtime!

July 27
Carson got his first buzz cut. His long hair was just too sweaty for these hot summer months! He did a great job sitting still on a stool out on the deck. He wasn't quite sure what to think of the clippers at first, but then he thought they were pretty cool. Now he wants to "do his hair" like daddy, so this morning for church he got to wear gel in his hair...definitely a big hit with all the little ladies (and big ladies!!) in the church nursery! : )

August 5
The last time Grandpa & Grandma Peterson came down to visit they brought Peyton and Carson each a special stuffed animal. Carson got a puppy and Peyton got a bear. Peyton named her bear "B", so we've been calling him "Mr. B". He's become a member of the family and goes everywhere with us - especially in the car and to bed. This morning for breakfast Peyton decided that Mr. B needed a spot at the table...and some food of his own. Once she saw he wasn't eating his apple jacks she quickly gobbled them up. Then when it was time to wash up before getting out of her chair she wanted me to wipe Mr. B's face. It's pretty cute to see her taking such a liking to her new friend.

I think that about sums up the past few weeks for us. Stay tuned for more updates from the Libbys!


Katie said...

Love the buzz cut!

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