Apraxia: What is it?

I was researching some more on Apraxia, the condition Peyton has been diagnosed with, and I found this great video clip/news story on it. Peyton has Global Apraxia, meaning she is apraxic in her oral motor skills, as well as her fine and gross motor skills. This clip does an incredible job explaining what Apraxia is, even though it's a relatively difficult condition to explain to someone who is unfamiliar with it. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!



Katie said...

That was a good story - thanks for the link! It's nice to get some more information about apraxia.

Mike and Becky said...

Wow! Was that ever informative. It is great to find out some info about Peyton's condition and that there are so many others who are living with the same thing. We will continue praying that she will keep progressing as well as she is now! We love her. Grandma and Grandpa P.

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