An afternoon at the park

Yesterday afternoon the kids were a little restless after waking up from their naps, so we decided to call up their favorite playmate from the neighborhood, Colin, who lives across the street. We headed down to the Hanover park and had a great time despite the cool weather. Carson and Colin (who are exactly 4 weeks apart in age) had fun chasing each other around all the play equipment, while Peyton stayed close to her beloved swing. Carson discovered he could stand on top of some plastic stepping stones and then decided that it was a great place to stand while he hollered out his rendition of the theme song for "Elmo's World" (one of the pictures show him with his arms in the air...that's his "big finale"). As our afternoon of fun at the park was coming to a close the kids decided to play ring-around-the-rosie. That was hilarious to watch. It took them more time to stand still long enough to grab each other's hands than it did to sing the song and fall down! : ) What a great way to end the week...enjoying the outdoors and the company of friends!


arjones said...

Aimee!!! Hi! I finally started one of these pages for Joshua and I! I figured I would since I am always reading yours and Katie and Aaron's! Anywhoo, it's been good keeping tabs on you all! Haha! Check ours out!

I can't believe how big the kids are!! They are beautiful!! Please give them big hugs from Joshua and me! Love you guys!

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