Daylight HEADACHE Time

Are anyone else's kids having issues adjusting to stinking daylight savings time? We had just settled into a half-way decent routine as far as sleeping, where Carson was sleeping about 4 out of 7 nights without getting up – after 20 months of not sleeping, I was feeling pretty spoiled...then along came good 'ole daylight savings time. Both of our kids are (and always have been) early risers. So for the past 3 days we've been up and at 'em at 4:30am...yes, I said 4:30am. And of course this comes right as I've been swamped with work that's kept me up until midnight or later for the past couple of nights. Grrrr! Let's just hope and pray that the kids adjust to the time change quickly...before I lose it! :)


Katie said...

That must be frustrating!! I hope the kids adjust soon!

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