Carson the Big Boy

Potty training hasn't exactly been the top thing on our "list" to do with the kids lately, although we did buy a special step for the toilet in preparation to start working with Peyton. But Carson's been pretty interested in sitting on the potty and has actually gone quite a few times...number 1, that is. Well last night he came running up to me and said, "Mommy, I poop". I asked him if he needed his diaper changed and he responded, "No, poop". So then I asked him if he wanted to go poop on the big potty, to which he responded "YEAH!". So upstairs we headed. I quickly took off his diaper and sat him up on the potty. He emptied his bladder right away and then looked at me and said, "Poop!". We talked about how he was a big boy for going pee-pee in the toilet and then the big moment began...a couple of seconds later we heard it – "bloop". Thankfully there was no traumatic splashing of the toilet water to ruin the moment. Carson let out a BIG, joyful announcement to make sure everyone knew about his big accomplishment – "I POOP!!!".

This morning Carson's been running around saying "Poop! Poop!", so I think he's pretty excited about the fact that he had his first big moment on the potty last night. Hope you all enjoy the "PG" version of the photo of Carson on the potty!


Jo said...

Looks like it's pretty important to watch what is going on! Very cute picture.

Katie said...

THANK YOU for censoring that photo! Now I am not scarred for life. (jk!)

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