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The other morning I was getting the kids ready for school & daycare running around the house frantically trying to remember everything I needed to grab before I ran out the door. Well of course we were running late and Carson was no where to be found. I called him and called him and he didn't respond. I was going up and down the stairs searching every possible hiding spot I could think of. Nothing. No where to be found. Then I started to get a little worried and ran out to check the door from our laundry room out to the garage fearing he may have figured out how to undo the lock and could be wandering around in the garage. Not there either. By this time I was getting to the point where I was more irritated than anything, because I knew he was somewhere in the house. Lately he thinks it's funny to "hide", but then he won't come out on his own – you have to find him. So I figured this was just one of his little games...and it was. Finally I heard Peyton yelling "BOOOOOOOOO!!!!" out in the kitchen. I walk out there and this is what I see:

The little fart had crawled in our corner cupboard and pulled the door shut behind him. I never would have thought to look there! When I asked him why he didn't answer Mommy when I called him he responded, "You no find me! I funny!". Like I've said before...he is a piece of work!


PhilandTheresa said...

wow- what a stinker!! I bet your heart stopped for a few minutes!

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