Another Fun Weekend

It's amazing how uneventful our weekends usually are. If we were honest with ourselves I think we'd admit they're generally pretty boring. This weekend has been a little different, though.

On Friday night we went to a neighborhood fish fry. Beforehand, we invited Kelly and Colin to come over and play. The kids had a blast...of course the first thing Colin asked when he got here was, "I watch Elmo?". He knows us too well! It was fun watching the kids interact together. Their little conversations sometimes just make us crack up!

(Notice they've got the the foot rests up on the couch "lounging" as they watch Elmo...they've learned from the pros apparently!)

Saturday morning we started out our day (after Peyton finally woke up shortly before 8am – that's a miracle!) by making a trip to the library. The kids ran around, looked at a few books and after about the 4th time of chasing Peyton out the door (our library is in an indoor strip mall type of building, so she wasn't running outside!!!) I figured it was time to go. She's started this new thing where she thinks its a game to run away from you as she yells, "bye-bye!" and waves. Not so much fun in public. Anyway, on our way back home Carson zonked out, so when we ended up throwing him up in his bed to nap for a while. Peyton was far too excited about our "soon-to-arrive visitors" – Uncle Aaron & Aunt Katie. For some reason Peyton is ABSOLUTELY in LOVE with Katie. Not that we don't all think she's great, but seriously, if Katie's around Peyton wants her to do EVERYTHING with her. It's pretty cute to watch...and it's a nice break for Mom!

When Aaron and Katie got to our house we heard Peyton yell "KATIE!" as their car pulled in the drive. She stood at the front door jumping up and down until they made their way up our front walk. Of course the first thing Peyton had to show her favorite Auntie was her big ball she got last weekend from Great-Aunt Martha. Katie showed Peyton how to bump the ball like a volleyball and she did amazingly well. Glad to see her height is going to earn her the "big bucks" someday! :)

After we ate lunch Peyton drug Katie all over the house showing her different things. And of course we weren't able to get Peyton to lay down for a nap – she was too worried Katie wouldn't be there when she woke up. But she did get in some good cuddle time on the couch with Auntie Katie.

We had a great time playing out in the snow as a family once Aaron & Katie left. The weather was absolutely gorgeous (anything above 0 degrees nowdays feels balmy!) and the kids were in heaven because there were planes flying overhead like crazy. Daddy built a snowman for the kids, but they were mainly interested in eating their snowballs. Once we came inside the kids ran around playing for a while, then we made cookies. Back before Valentine's day we made some special cookies to send to Grandpa & Grandma who are in Florida for a few months. The kids got their first exposure to "licking the beaters" and so anytime you mention "beaters", their ears perk up like little puppies and they go running for the two stools at our island in the kitchen where they know they have to sit before they can have their beaters. Anyway, our cookies turned out yummy and the kids enjoyed their beaters...sorry, I don't have any pictures of that!

I do have a video clip, though, of the kids playing that's kind of entertaining. As I was cleaning up our mess from cookies, Peyton did something she wasn't supposed to and had to sit in a time out. As she was sitting there I turned around and there is Carson standing in front of her as she's sitting on the bottom step in her time out. He holds out his hands and says, "Peyti horsey ride me?", and climbs on to her knee. I know I probably should have gone over and made sure Peyton knew this was "time-out" time, but instead I grabbed the camera and captured their fun on video. Their little giggles just crack me up! (Just ignore Chad on the phone with one of his boyfriends in the background discussing every detail of our weekend)

That's about the extent of our fun this weekend, but we'll be off to church in the morning and then we get to go to the annual "Pool Party" for Peyton's preschool tomorrow afternoon. The kids will LOVE it! Last time we went Carson was just born, so it wasn't as much fun as I'm sure it'll be this time. We'll get to swim for a while, then eat pizza, then play games and have fun with the other kids and their families. Should be a great way to finish out our weekend!


Mike and Becky said...

Glad to see the video of the horsey ride! I just said to Papa this afternoon, "I wonder how our babies are doing?" Glad to see they are doing well and having fun. It was also fun seeing the picture of Peyton and Aunt Katie! We know how much she loves her! Love you guys, Gramma P.

VanHoorik's Zoo said...

That last video is just darling. There little giggles just make you want to smile. I am glad to see Peyton so happy.

Kelly said...

I love the picture of the kids together from Friday night.. Colin had so much fun at playing and eatting at your house. All weekend we had to sing the Choo Choo song and stop and pick up Peyton and Carson in the song. He just loves being with the kids. And they sure were angels at Shelly's house that night! See you soon.

PhilandTheresa said...

Super cute!! I can't believe your kids have never licked a beater before, what kind of parent are you?

Katie said...

it was good seeing you guys - especially Peyton, of course! ha!

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