Babies, Babies and MORE Babies!!

This must be the time of year to have a baby...not us, but our friends. :) Three of our four friends who were all due right around Feb. 12th have had their babies (still waiting to hear about Baby Boy Manhart!!)!!! The first was Kylie, who was born on Feb. 14th. Next was Owen, who was born on Feb. 17th. Last, but not least, was Priya, who was born on Feb. 19th. Check out these SWEET babies!! Congrats everyone!


Mike and Becky said...

So, Aim, does this mean you are getting the "baby bug" again?? ;-) Cute, cute babies, I agree!! I LOVE babies!!

Aimee said...

I knew someone was going to ask that! At this point, I think I've got my hands plans as of right now for baby #3. :)

Mike and Becky said...

I know, Aim, but I just had to ask that. When I had my fourth and last child, my mom (who had eight kids) told me I was only half done! I know she was just kidding. I was just kidding, too, but thought it would get you if I asked it! I love your two babies enough already! Thanks for being a great mommy, too!

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