The Birthday Boy

Yesterday was Carson's actual "birth day", so we tried to make a big deal about it so he'd understand it was a special day. I guess I underestimated how much he understands. When he walked into our room at 6am holding his puppies and rubbing his sleepy eyes, I yelled out "It's the birthday boy!!!". He immediately dropped his puppies, smiled, started clapping and screamed, "DINOSAUR PARTY!!!" and broke into "Happy Birthday" to himself. He is such a character!

(Check out Carson's awesome Cookie Monster shirt he got for his birthday...and he's holding Daddy's cell phone since he'd just finished up a pretend call to Grandma in Florida to tell her for the thousandth time about his dinosaur party!)

At daycare they made him a special "birthday crown" that he wore around all day – he was VERY proud of his birthday hat. When he got home he still had to wear his hat around and we kept hearing him break into "Happy Birthday" as he was playing with Peyton. We had a meeting for church at our house last night and I was trying to give the kids a heads up that some friends were coming to play. Carson was SO excited about it – he kept saying, "friends coming dinosaur party birthday!". So he was the first one to greet everyone at the door with his birthday hat on saying, "dinosaur party!", then running over to show them his big dinosaur mylar balloon.

Finally, at bedtime last night we were talking about how next it'll be Daddy's birthday, then Mommy's and then Peyton's. Of course Carson's response was that of a typical 2-year-old, "No, MY birthday!". It'll be fun to see what he does when it's Daddy's birthday!


PhilandTheresa said...

Super cute! It is amazing how much kids understand- gotta wathc your words huh? See you tomorrow!

Aaron said...

Happy birthday Carson! We're excited to see you and everyone else Friday!

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