Car Update

Well, I posted a while back that our van was on the fritz. Sorry it took me so long to post a follow-up "report". We found out that it needs a new BCM module. Translation: $975.00 after it's all said and done. Apparently there's a little computer piece that controls all the electrical stuff and it's "bad". Perfect. So much for my new laptop.

Once again I'm sitting here at the car dealership enjoying their wireless internet and watching the Today Show. What a great way to spend a morning! Did you know that if you do 3 hours of exercise per week you'll look 9 years younger??? That's what they just told me on the Today Show. What I want to know is what happens if your exercise routine consists of chasing around kids all day?? Hmmm...good question.

Before I wrap this post up, I thought I'd post a picture of the customer service representative when he gave me the estimate to have the van fixed last time I was here:

Have I mentioned how much I HATE car problems??

Have a good one everybody!


Katie said...

Oh, that picture makes me laugh out loud! That is EXACTLY what it feels like!

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