Easter Sunday

This was our very first Easter since Chad and I have been married (or dating for that matter) that we have spent an Easter without one of our families. I have to say, I was a little excited to have a holiday (especially Easter!) just us. We had big plans for our Easter dinner...ham, potatoes, salad, rolls, sweet pickles – yum!

We hadn't had time to color eggs until Easter morning. The kids had fun, but their attention span is so short that it pretty much took more time getting everything ready than it actually did to color the eggs. Oh well. Here are a few pics:

Carson picking out which crayon to start with:

Peyton trying to eat her egg...with the shell on:

Carson showing off his egg:

Peyton chillin' in our bed, exhausted from coloring eggs...and halfway through getting dressed for church:

We had volunteered to help out someone and cover for them in the infant/toddler nursery at church on Easter Sunday, so Chad and I had a busy morning chasing around 11 little monsters in the nursery (one of them was Carson). Peyton had fun like she always does with her friends in the preschool class. On the way home from church Carson fell asleep, so our "Easter dinner as a family" plan didn't quite work out like we had hoped. We ended up putting him up in his bed, feeding Peyton some ham, pickles and potatoes and then putting her down for a nap. Then Chad and I sat down and enjoyed our first Easter as a family...with the kids both sleeping. Hmmm...not what I had pictured, but we both got to eat everything on our plate, which undoubtedly wouldn't have happened if the kids would have been sitting there with us. Ahhh...the pros and the cons. :)

After the kids woke up they were running around like wild maniacs all afternoon. We did manage to get them to sit still so we could do our annual "Easter photo", though:

I don't think either of them sat down for more than 2 seconds from the time this picture was taken until bedtime. Their "big activity" for the afternoon was jumping off the bottom step in our family room. For some reason that is the ultimate form of entertainment right now. They're so into "holding hands" lately, so I thought it was pretty funny to watch them try and hold hands as they jumped off the step. Mostly it consisted of one of them jumping and dragging the other one to the floor because they couldn't time their jumping very well. :-)

Here's a picture of them preparing to jump that I thought was too funny – Carson had to count to at least 6 before they could jump. He made sure and got after Peyton if she jumped before 6. Apparently I call her by her first and middle name too much – More than once I heard him say, "Peyton Grace, get back here!"

After they finally grew weary of jumping off the step we decided to make cookies. The kids got to help mix up the dough and then the big reward came....the beaters! As they licked their beaters Chad and I rolled up the dough and put the cookies in the oven to bake. That was the end of our exciting "first Easter as a family"...action packed as always!

Hope you all had a wonderful Easter!


PhilandTheresa said...

Looks like fun! I might try jumping off the step tonight too!

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