Florida: Day 2

I'm happy to report that the kids did pretty well sleeping last night. Carson slept all night and Peyton woke up a few times not quite sure where she was, but we managed to keep her in her bed on the floor next to ours until 7:00am. Quite impressive for our kids!

Today was our first day at the beach. The kids LOVED it! Carson would have walked across the ocean if we would have let him...he has no fear of water AT ALL and just kept walking and walking deeper and deeper even after he had a few waves wash up over his head. The first thing he did when we got to the beach was go running down to the water and just as he got there he did a faceplant in the water. Didn't phase him, though – he just stood up and said "Whoa, too fast!". Peyton was so excited about the waves washing up over her feet that she didn't venture out too far into the water until towards the end of our time at the beach. She's a little more cautious, but still doesn't quite get the dangers of deeper water.

After we'd played in the water for a bit we went back to shore and played with all the fun sand toys Grandma had brought with. Both kids thought building sand castles was so much fun, but their absolute favorite part was "crashing them". So needless to say we didn't get any good pictures of our sand castles. They also had a blast, though, burying their legs in the sand and using the little rake to "comb" the beach.

The kids were doing so well that we decided to stay and grab some lunch from the little food shack at the beach. We enjoyed some of their fabulous hot dogs and hamburgers and then we got a special treat...the kid's favorite, ice cream. That's all I'm going to say about the treats because I think the pictures say way more than I could about how much the kids enjoyed them!

Once we had the kids cleaned up from lunch we headed back down the water to play some more. Peyton was excited to play with some little kids about her age while Carson was busy making a mess in the sand. Paranoid Mom decided we should probably get them out of the sun and home for naps soon, so we started to pack up our stuff. When I told Carson we had to go in five minutes, he told me, "I clean up". He spent his last five minutes at the beach "cleaning up" by running fists full of sand back to the ocean. Everyone up on shore got quite a kick out of that! Peyton was pretty upset when we left, but we finally convinced her we'd come back another day and she calmed down.

Now both kids have crashed (along with Daddy & Papa), but we're planning on a fun-filled afternoon hanging out around the condo once they get up. We may even hit up the pool here. You can never get enough swimming!!! Plus it'll wear the kids out so they'll sleep good tonight again.

That's all for day 2! Stay tuned for more updates and enjoy the pictures below of our day so far:

On the way to the beach

Carson the fearless wader (notice his hair is all wet from his faceplant)

Peyton SO excited to be in the water

Snack time on the beach

More fun at the beach

Last, but not least, enjoying ice cream sandwiches at the beach


PhilandTheresa said...

Ok- I am seriously jealous- seeing you all in shorts- crazy!!! Glad it is going well!

Mike and Becky said...

Looks and sounds like a great day at the beach! Wish we were there with you, too! Keep having fun and enjoy it while you can. It is currently a balmy 37 degrees here at home - don't you miss it?? I can't wait till we can go to the beach with the kids this summer, too. Should be fun and is definitely something to look forward to! Love you guys and miss you. Mom P.

Katie said...

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