Back To Reality

Well we made it back to Minnesota despite a horrendous flight with little Mr. Carson. Naptime + 3 days in a row with 20 minute naps + being confined to a small area for 3.5 hours = MAJOR MELTDOWNS. Notice I made that plural. :) But yes, we're back.

Here's a picture of the kids and Grandma & Papa Libby before we headed out for the airport to come home:

The kids didn't quite know what was going on when we went to the airport to come home. We'd tried explaining that we were taking an airplane home and that Grandma & Papa were driving their car home in a few days, but I don't think they fully "got it". Peyton kept saying "Grandma's car - Peyton"...she wanted to ride home with Grandma apparently. When we got off the plane here in MN Peyton went running up the ramp off the plane yelling "Grandma here!". She was pretty disappointed that Grandma wasn't there waiting for her.

Yesterday Peyton went back to school and she was pretty thrilled to see all of her friends. She also had speech therapy yesterday afternoon and her therapist noticed a big improvement in how much she is talking. That was exciting to hear...affirmation that it's not just something we're imagining.

Today we're just hanging out around the house for now trying to decide what to do since it's supposed to be almost 60 today. Grandma & Papa Peterson are coming down for the weekend, so we're excited for that! Hopefully we can find something to do to keep us out of trouble until they get here later on today!


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