Florida: Day 7

Another day, another trip to the beach! We had another fun day at the beach with the kids today. I opted not to take the camera with, though, since it was just Chad's mom and I with the kids...mostly because the kids dart out into the water any chance they get. :) Today was fun, though. Both the kids got mini nerf footballs on the way to the beach, so we spent most of our time there playing "catch" with the ocean. Carson started throwing his football into the water and then he thought it was the COOLEST thing that it would come right back to him in the waves. Peyton saw him do it a few times and so then she started copying him. They had a great time playing together and with some of the other kids their ages at the beach. Today was a lot windier than it's been since we've been here, so we didn't swim out too far. But the kids thought the big waves were pretty neat!

Once we finished up at the beach we hit up the Royal Scoop again and Carson was actually awake so he got to enjoy with us! He gobbled up his whole cup of ice cream and then had to take "bites" off of mommy's and grandma's. We pretty much used up a whole napkin dispenser of napkins by the time we were able to get out of the ice cream shop, but the kids loved it! On the way home both kids fell asleep, so we drove around a little bit longer than we really needed to so they could sleep a little while.

This afternoon we played around the condo and started packing up some things. It rained for the first time since we've been here, so we couldn't really do much outside. Carson spent some time out on the screen porch watching the rain...here's a picture of his lounging:

We did laundry and all that fun stuff, then we went out for dinner at Five Guys. They have AWESOME hamburgers...probably the best I've ever had! When we got back from dinner we finished up packing and gathering all our junk up. Our flight leaves tomorrow morning at 11:10am, so we'll have a little bit of time in the morning to go feed the ducks one last time. I'm sure that will make the kids happy! We tried to mention to the kids that we're going home tomorrow and Peyton wasn't sure what to think. Carson seemed like he was okay with it, but Peyton was worried about where Grandma will be when we get on the airplane. We told her she's going to drive her van back home, so then Peyton was saying, "Peyton Grandma's car – home". I think she would rather drive home with Grandma. :) I'm sure she'll be a little worked up on the plane ride home, but hopefully she'll do okay.

Last but not least, Chad has a new story that I'm sure you'll all be hearing...over and over and over and over....he drove a golf ball 320 yards today while he was golfing with his dad and the old geezers. Hooray for him! Apparently the old geezers were pretty impressed with what the young pup accomplished. Like I said, I'm sure you'll all be hearing about this first hand, so I won't write any more about it. :)

That's all for our trip to Florida!! If I have anything exciting to share about our trip home I'll try to post something tomorrow. Otherwise I'll just post again and give an update about our post-vacation depression. Until then!


PhilandTheresa said...

So glad you had such a neat trip! Now you get to come home to the snow- hopefully it won't all melt before you get back tomorrow! Have fun on the plane!

Katie said...

Sounds like a great vacation - I hope you have a good trip home!!

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