Girls Weekend

On Friday morning, Peyton and I headed up to Duluth and picked my Mom up along the way for our long awaited girls weekend! My middle brother Jesse is getting married in November to Jodi (who we all LOVE!!!) and she's asked me to be a bridesmaid (or whatever you call it since I'm married) and Peyton to be the Flower Girl. Should be a great time! So we were headed up to Duluth to shop for dresses along with my sister-in-law, Katie (who's married to my twin brother, Aaron...we LOVE her, too!).

Jesse & Jodi

When we got up to Duluth Friday mid-morning, we got to stop by Katie's work so Peyton could visit her favorite Auntie. Katie works at a physical therapy rehab clinic, so Peyton was right at home! From there we went and met my three brothers for lunch, then headed up to Aaron & Katie's house to hang out for the afternoon. Peyton was able to spend some good bonding time with her "cousin" Page (the dog). For dinner everyone came over to Aaron & Katie's where we had a big spaghetti dinner. We also got to meet Jodi's mom for the first time which was a lot of fun! After dinner we kicked the boys out so our "girls night" could officially start. We sat around and talked for a while, then after Peyton went to bed we watched a movie and scarfed down a bunch of chips and homemade salsa Jodi's mom brought over. We finally called it a night shortly after midnight.

Saturday morning Peyton was up bright and early, so Aaron and I had some time to sit and catch up before everyone else got up. That was fun! Once everyone else was up we were all racing around trying to get ready to head out the door. We headed up to David's bridal where the real fun began! Katie and I had already looked a little bit online to see which dresses came in the right color (marine, which is a gorgeous navy blue color). We picked out several styles we wanted to try on and the fashion show began! Several of the styles we tried on were in different colors, but at least we got an idea how they'd look. I lucked out...the first dress I tried on was "the one". Here are a bunch of the dresses we tried on. The first picture is the one I'm getting.

Katie showing off one of her best features

Peyton excited to be hanging out with the girls!

My #2 choice (strapless dresses = not real conducive to carrying around a "curious" little Carson monster)

Katie's dress...I think, only it'll be in the marine color like mine obviously

Then it was Peyton's turn...she'd been waiting so patiently! We picked out a few dresses for her to try on and she was SO excited, which was surprising because she's usually not a big "dress" girl (yes, I know you're all wondering how that could be given she's MY daughter!!!). Here are some of the dresses Peyton tried on – the first two pictures are of the dress we ordered.

After trying on about 5 different dresses Peyton was ready to go, so we headed to the mall to shop for shoes. Amazingly we found some at the first store!! Then we headed back to Aaron & Katie's for lunch. Here are a couple of pictures of all of us hanging out:

Uncle Aaron & Peyton being silly

The Wild & Crazy Kids
(from left to right - Peyton, Aimee, Aaron, Katie, Brandon, Jodi & Jesse)

Thanks for a great weekend everyone! We had a blast and can't wait for the wedding!


Katie said...

it was fun hanging out - and I LOVE that first picture of Peyton in her flower girl dress!

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