Wow, I cannot even believe that my little baby girl is FOUR today! Yesterday I was going through some baby stuff getting ready for our garage sale and I found myself staring at Peyton's sweet little clothes and wondering where the time has gone. Granted, it's been a long four years with hundreds of doctors & therapy appointments, but it honestly feels like just yesterday we found out we were expecting. I have to admit I cried a bit seeing all the itty bitty clothes and thinking about our birth experience with Peyton and how far she's come since her injury and diagnosis of Apraxia. :) But I quickly dried my tears and thanked God for the sweet, special girl He's given us. I'm excited to see what the coming years hold for Peyton and our family!

Here's a little video of us having our special "Chocolate Chip Pancake Birthday Breakfast" with Peyton this morning:

I'll post more pics of our celebration tonight and when we have her birthday party with her friends on May 17th.



Mike and Becky said...

Happy Birthday to our dear, little sweet Peyton!! You have grown up so quickly and it is hard to believe it was four years ago that you came into our world. Wow! You are very special and we love you dearly, little one! Love, Papa Mike (aka Donald Duck) and Grandma Becky

Katie said...

Happy birthday Peyton! See you on Saturday!
Love, your favorite aunt :)

Aaron said...

Happy birthday Peyton! I'm excited to see you tomorrow! Love you.
Uncle Aaron

Linds said...

Emmy was watching the video and said "She a big gurl, mommy!" My thoughts exactly. :)

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