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Back when we were on vacation my sister-in-law, Katie, tagged me and I'm just now getting around to posting my 10 deepest darkest secrets. :) Okay, so maybe they're not deep dark secrets. Here goes nothing!

1) I will eat pretty much anything that's set in front of long as it's not alive. Not so much up for something crawling around in my mouth. Ish.

2) When I was growing up we attended a very legalistic Baptist church that expected women to wear dresses 24/7. I'd wear shorts underneath my dresses so I could play basketball with the boys after church. None of the church women thought real highly of me...imagine that! :)

3) I lived in a trailer for several years growing up, thus I am trailer trash.

4) When I was 14 I punched a kid in the face at youth group for calling my mom a naughty name. Definitely not my finest moment...but it sure did make me feel better at the time.

5) My arms are double-jointed to the point that it creeps most people out.

6) When I was in jr. high a camp counselor asked me out thinking I was a counselor, not a camper. Awkward!

7) In college I high jumped and pole vaulted at UW-Eau Claire on the track team. Back in my "prime" I high jumped 5'4". Woohoo!

8) I took my first art class when I was a sophomore in college. Don't ask me how I ended up becoming a graphic designer.

9) I played the violin from elementary school through high school and still pull it out to play once in a while.

10) I thought Chad was the most obnoxious person on earth the first time I met him. Don't ask me how we only dated for 3 months before getting engaged.

That's all for me. Now to find three friends to tag – about Theresa, Shawna, and Sarah. Can't wait to find out some new stuff about you guys!


PhilandTheresa said...

want to come over for dinner? I would like to test your number one confession!!

PhilandTheresa said...

Do you want to come over for dinner? I want to test your first confession!!

VanHoorik's Zoo said...

I wasn't expecting to see my name on there. Thanks for nothin'.

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