The Non-Stop Talking of a Two-year-old

Maybe I'm just naive about how much a two-year-old should talk, but man, Carson blows me away with all the things he says now days. This is a completely new ball game for us since Peyton was at such a different place when she was two. The kid not only repeats every thing he hears, but he's really in tune with using phrases in the appropriate context. Granted there are times he'll say things where you just look at him and raise your eye brows because it makes absolutely no sense, but for the most part, he's got things figured out. He's very much into bossing everyone and everything around. Last night I heard him telling his stuffed animal Elmo, "No, you not do that. Time out!" Just for laughs I'll make a list of some of his comments and phrases:

"No, I not."
(the classic two-year-old response to anything and everything)

"You not say that!"

"Hands to yourself, Peyton."

"Mommy, where my occupator (alligator)?"

"Peyton, no, no – I help you."
(I think he's picked up on us having to help Peyton with certain things, so now he thinks she needs someone to help her with EVERYTHING)

"I call Grandma – see if Papa sleeping."

"Don't look at me!!!!"

(a lovely phrase he picked up from the girls at daycare)

"I SOOOOOOOOOOOOO hungry....I need fruit snacks."

"My tummy hurts...need vitamins (or medicine...depends on the day)."

"What you doing?"

"You not naughty!"

"Peyton pinched me."
(I love this one because with Peyton's poor OT skills pinching is not something she can do yet!)

"Look! Mama bird talking to me!"

(He thinks the robins who sit on our deck are "talking" to him when they sing – and every bird is a "Mama bird" ever since we saw a Mama bird sitting on her eggs in the nest outside of Chad's parents condo in Florida.)

A couple of nights ago he got to be a big boy and get a haircut with Daddy. Mom lined them up in the bathroom on stools and went nuts with the hair clippers. The whole time he kept saying "It hurting me!" – about the hair on his shirt and pants, not the clippers. Mr. drama just like his Dad. :) Anyway, here's a picture of the kids after the haircuts and after they got to be "big kids" by taking a shower instead of a bath. Excitement!

And here's a lovely picture of Carson as he's telling me, "Mommy, take pictures of my boogars". Nice, huh?


PhilandTheresa said...

Carson is such a stud. Kayla often says, "No I not" as well. Funny

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