Saturdays are for your underwear

This morning Chad was messing around on the computer and came across a video of a little boy holding his guitar singing "Hey Jude" by the Beatles. The kids thought it was great - then Peyton crawled out of Chad's lap and went over to get her guitar out of the closet. She imitated the little guy and then the guitar was taken over by Carson. He sat for a good 20 minutes singing every song he knows while strumming the guitar. We laughed so hard! Luckily I captured some of this spectacular black-mail footage on video...can't wait to play this back for him when he's 16!!!

Here's his combo version of "Jesus Loves Me" & "Jesus Loves The Little Children":

Here's his never-ending version of "the ABC's" (I had to cut him off - he sang for about another minute after I stopped recording him!):

Finally, here's "Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star":

Earlier this morning, Carson decided he wanted to wear some of Peyton's dress-up clothes. Chad wasn't real thrilled with the idea, but I told him to relax...then I grabbed the camera! Carson told me, "Mommy, I pretty!", then started twirling around in circles. Uh oh. Chad was happy when we went outside to see him digging around in the dirt and playing with dump trucks!

Hope everyone is having a fun-filled Saturday like we are!


VanHoorik's Zoo said...

Don't worry Chad...Isaac did the same little thing with Hannah's dance outfits when he was about 2 and he still seems to be more boy then girl. Carson sure is cute though:)

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