A trip home, a new neice, Mother's Day and whatever else

Last Friday the kids and I hopped in the car and headed up to Frederic to spend some time with my Grandma Grace who was up visiting for her brother's 90th birthday party. The kids were pretty excited to see Grandma Grace. It's amazing that even though they've really only seen her a handful of times, they always seem to remember her. We had a fun time celebrating Peyton's birthday on Friday night with Mom, Dad, Grandma, Aunt Jan, Jesse & Jodi, then on Saturday Aaron & Katie and Brandon came down for the day from Duluth. That's when the real excitement happened - Aaron and Katie got their referral and they're getting a 4 month old baby girl!!! Her name right now is "Mimi", but they haven't decided if they'll keep that name or not. Carson is pretty excited about "Baby Emee" as he calls her. He's been asking lots of questions like, "Mommy, where baby emee?", and "Baby emee play with me?". We've been talking about how Aaron and Katie are going to go on an airplane to Ethiopia to get "Baby Emee" and bring her back home to Minnesota. This morning Carson woke up and he came running into our room saying, "Okadokia! Okadokia!" and being all silly and laughing. I couldn't figure out what he was saying or why he thought it was so funny. So I asked him what he was saying and he replied, "Baby Emee come home from Okadokia!". Got it - "Okadokia" = Ethiopia. Peyton is becoming more and more interested in the idea of Baby Mimi coming home, too. Every time we ask her what she's going to do when Baby Mimi comes, she replies "Work", "Sleep" or "Play". Hmmm....interesting.

Here are a few pictures from our visit to Frederic:

Saturday afternoon I drove back home with the kids and we had some friends over to play for a while. Then Sunday we got up, went to church and met Chad's parents for brunch afterwards. We had a nice time stuffing our faces and trying to keep Carson from visiting with everyone seated around us.

Other than that, there's not a whole lot of exciting news to report from Libbyland. This coming Sunday we're having Peyton's birthday party, so that should be fun! We had an OT evaluation done last week for Peyton, so we're planning on starting private OT this summer for her. We also got a call yesterday saying that Peyton's therapy stroller has arrived and they'll be dropping it off for us tomorrow afternoon. Can't wait to see it and to have it as a resource when we plan outings for the summer! Here's the stroller we're getting for those of you who are interested - basically it's an over-sized jogging stroller that will accommodate Peyton's weight and height (it's good up to 200lbs. - obviously more than what we'll need!).


PhilandTheresa said...

So excited for them!! When do they get to bring her home???
The stroller looks awesome!! I am so glad you will have that!

Katie said...

Maybe next time we come down I could go for a ride in the stroller!? It's fun that the kids are excited to meet Emee. :) I can't wait to see them all together!

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