I am: an undeserving daughter of the King
I think: we create a lot of our own problems
I know: the Lord loves me unconditionally
I want: to not stress so much over financial matters
I have: the greatest family in the world!!
I wish: I lived closer to my 3 brothers
I hate: ignorance
I miss: my best friend and twin bro, Aaron
I fear: failing others or causing them to stumble by not setting a Christ-like example
I feel: exhausted
I hear: the sweet sound of my computer fan running...without kids crying in the background!
I smell: freshly mowed grass from outside
I search: for time to get everything done in a day
I wonder: about what God has in store for our family
I regret: not seeking the Lord in all that I do
I ache: for my sweet Peyton girl to be able to talk and express herself like she so desperately wants to!
I care: about others
I always: have a million things going through my mind
I am not: a self-conscious person
I believe: that God never gives us more than we can handle...even when 4 therapy appointments per week may see like it's more than I can handle!!!
I dance: behind closed doors, with the kids..trust me, you don't want to see it!
I sing: because I love to and it's a great stress reliever for me!
I cry: once in a while...mostly when I'm thinking about my kids
I don’t always: eat regular meals like I should
I fight: because I'm stubborn
I write: because I enjoy it - and because my husband can't (sorry Chad!)
I win: when I surrender
I lose: patience with my kids (and Chad!) when trying to work at home with them around
I never: enjoy doing laundry or cleaning bathrooms
I confuse: most people
I listen: with an open mind
I can usually be found: at home trying to work in between preschool and therapy appointments
I am afraid of: someone harming my kids
I need: to spend more time reading God's word, and relying on HIM...and sleep!
I am happy about: having the opportunity to work out of the house so I can see my babies and be a part of their daily lives

This was a fun way to be tagged!! Now I tag Theresa, Sarah & Katie. Can't wait to see your responses, ladies!! :)


Katie said...

I haven't seen this one yet - great post, Aimee!

PhilandTheresa said...

Love it- wow. Let's see if I get around to doing it...

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