Bye, Bye Baby Stuff

Well, this afternoon I had the preview sale for friends and neighbors before we officially open up at 8am for our Garage Sale. It's been a little sad to see some of the kids clothes go, but it's been fun to meet some of the neighbors (and their friends!) and see the little ones who will be wearing my babies adorable outfits. One couple came all the way from Blaine tonight to buy stuff for their little 5 month old boy they're adopting from Korea. We had a nice time talking and I had a chance to brag about my new niece, Matea, too! :)

Yep, so tomorrow's (technically today - yikes!) the big day - wish me luck!


PhilandTheresa said...

good luck with your garage sale- nice weather for it! I had a hard time getting rid of some of my stuff too- funny what a little onsie can do to your heart!

Lindsey said...

Hope it goes well!

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