4th of July

Hope you all had a nice, relaxing 4th of July! We had a great time out at Chad's sister Therese and her husband Ted's cabin out by Hutchinson. Friday morning we got up, went out to breakfast with Grandma & Papa Libby, then headed out to the lake for the day. The kids were absolutely in HEAVEN! They swam, played baseball, went fishing, played with their cousins, and even got to touch a painted turtle that cousin Ben caught while we were swimming. Somehow we managed to get both kids down for naps even though they fought it with every ounce they had in them! After nap time, it was back in the lake for more swimming. Peyton was especially thrilled to play with her favorite cousin, Hope, all day. Here's a picture of them together:

Here are a few more pictures from our day at the cabin:

Cousin Ben teaching Peyton & Eli to play baseball

Grandma Julie pitching to Daddy & Carson

Millie Rose, Elise, Eli, Carson & Peyton

Wild man Carson headed down to the lake

Daddy & Carson out on the dock

Carson & Millie giving each other a bear hug

Carson, Millie, Eli & Peyton after their snack

Elise, Carson, Eli & Millie being silly

Lounging by the lake

Inside for chow time!!!

After hours and hours of swimming (and eating!!), we finally dragged the kids out of the lake and headed home just in time for bed. Thankfully the kids were so exhausted that all the fireworks in the neighborhood didn't wake them up! Thanks for a great day Ted & Therese!


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